zondag 28 april 2013

Simcity 5 Free Download

Here You can download the new updated crack of simcity5! 

 What can this crack do?

1. Log into EA servers 
2. Use all online functions 
3. Play The full Game 
4. Get online with friends
5. And Much More!!

Download: Simcity 5 download
Virus scan: virustotal 0/46

How to install:

1. First just Download the torrent file.

2. When the download is completed just go to the download folder.

3. There should be a folder called: Crack.

4. Open it and copy the files in it.

5. After that search for the Folder Simcity.

6. Open it and replace the files that you just copied with the files in the Simcity map.

7. Now just Open Simcity.exe. The Crack will Auto-Login the servers of Ea .

8. Now you can enjoy Simcity for free!

Download: Simcity 5 Download  

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